Why is a question. Using it in a sentence:

Why is the UK flag in a silver circle? (CompliensCreator00) Well, it is a badge! (ZL123)

If you want to know something, use it like this:

Why do you have a holiday? Why are you in jail? Why is that spider blue?

It is one of the Five Wives and a Husband words.

Why in other languagesEdit

Here is 'why' in other languages!


German (Deutsch)Edit

  • Warum?

Spanish (Español)Edit

  • ¿Por qué?

French (Français)Edit

  • Pourquoi?

Polish (Polska)Edit

  • Dlaczego?

Italian (Italiano)Edit

  • Perché?

Portuguese (Português)Edit

  • Por quê?

Dutch (Nederlandse)Edit

  • Waarom?


Korean (한국어)Edit

  • 왜?

Simplified Mandarin/Chinese (汉语)Edit

  • 为什么?

Arabic (العربية)Edit

  • لماذا؟