Do not confuse with notice, which has almost the same meaning as definition 2 of 'note'.

(n. & v. - pl. notes) The word 'note' has three different definitions/disambiguations



(n.) Note (Musical)

A note is a symbol used in music to symbolise the rhythms and pitches of a single tone. Those in the picture below are called quavers, and you can have them joined together as you see them now. They can also be split apart. Nice, right?

In a sentence:

Students, please remember all eight of your music notes.

Note (informational)

Music note

Note (definition 1)

(n. & v.) A letter that tells you something from someone. To note means to jot down something; to write something down. It also means to be aware of something.

Using that in a sentence:

Please take note that the cafeteria will close down tomorrow. (n.) A note can also mean a piece of national money.

Using it in a sentence:

"I have a 5 pound note in my pocket."

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