Here are the English Pronunciations for all the words, although there might be some exceptions.


Table of Consonants!
English Letters Examples IPA †
b as in bad, bit b
ch as in child, church
d as in dog, dust d
dh as in then ð
f as in far f
g (except after n) as in go, god g
h (except after c, d, s, t, z) as in hear, hi h
j as in just, jail
k as in kitten, kiss k
l as in left l
m as in mail, mad, rim m
n as in in, net, nail n
ng as in sing ŋ
ngg as in fingger (finger) ŋg
p as in pet, lip p
r as in rim, pear r
s as in suit, sip s
sh as in ship, shiny ʃ
t as in top, tantrum t
th as in the, youth θ
v as in van, vet v
w as in wet, wall w
y as in yet, yolk, foyer j
z as in zap, zoo z
zh as in vizhon (vision), plezhure (pleasure) ʒ

† IPA is short for International Phonetic Alphabet.


Table of Vowels!
English Letters Examples IPA

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