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Welcome to Language Dictionary! Here we have a dictionary for almost every language! Too tired to find it out for yourself? Don't have the dictionary? Need to find out a word in multiple languages? Don't fret, we can help! Complete with pictures to help you understand what these words mean. (It's better than Wiktionary... O.O)


The globe of words!!


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  • new page Sponge
    created by SpongeBobFan2003
    New page: Noun: 1. a primitive sedentary aquatic invertebrate with a soft porous body that is typically supported by a framework of fibers or calcareous or...
  • new page Mario
    created by SpongeBobFan2003
    New page: The name Mario is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Mario is: Hammer. Mars (Roman god of war). Also one of the number of masculine...
    Added category: Article stubs

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  • edit Dictionary Wiki
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  • edit Forum:Picture use
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  • new page Forum:Picture use
    created by Supersonic414
    New page: Forums: Index > Help desk > Picture use Hello!, can I use the globe of words picture for my dictionary wiki logo? --Supersonic414 19:47, April...
    Added category: Help desk
  • discussion page User talk:ZL123
    edited by Supersonic414 diff
    Summary: My wiki logo: new section
  • edit Pizza
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  • edit User:Ker-plop0990
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  • new page Pig Latin
    created by Ker-plop0990
    New page: Pig Latin is a fairly simple language. It was invented by kids. The rules of Pig Latin are very easy. Just take the first sound, put it behind the...
    Added categories: Article stubs, P-, Language Categories
  • edit Who
    edited by Jammiedodger123 diff
    Edited the section: Other Languages

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